Thursday 27 August 2015 - Follow Up Report

Procurement: Follow-up

Topics: Value for Money

Departments: Treasury & Resources

Sector: Procurement


Follow Up Report: pdf (477.47 KB)

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Effective procurement is a key means of:

  • securing value for money
  • managing risk; and
  • reducing the risk of impropriety.

The C&AG reviewed aspects of the States’ approach to procurement and issued a report in March 2014. This identified significant development in procurement over the previous few years but also identified areas for improvement. Subsequently the States have started the rollout of Supply jersey, a web-based purchasing system.


This review comprises:

  • an evaluation of the response to the C&AG’s earlier recommendations; and
  • an initial evaluation of the rollout of Supply Jersey in the context of those recommendations.


Progress has been made in implementing recommendations but recent changes need to be embedded and some further changes need to be made.

Although there are plans to implement many of the remaining recommendations, there were in some cases no clear timetables for implementation and no corporate mechanisms outside the procurement team for monitoring implementation. 

Implementation of some recommendations is dependent on key corporate actions.


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