Thursday 27 August 2015 - Follow Up Report

Use of Management Information in the Health and Social Services Department – Operating Theatres: Follow-up

Topics: Management Information

Departments: Health & Social Services

Sector: Health & Social Care


Follow Up Report: pdf (519.13 KB)

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Access to relevant and high quality management information allows organisations to make strategic and operational decisions, efficiently and effectively. 

In 2014, the C&AG reviewed how well the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD) identified, collected and used management information for planning and decision-making. This focussed on the utilisation of operating theatre capacity.


This review evaluates:

  • the adequacy of the arrangements HSSD has put in place to manage and monitor the implementation of the recommendations made in the C&AG’s report and to evaluate the impact of implementation;
  • the progress HSSD has made in implementing agreed recommendations; and
  • how HSSD has used what it learned from the Use of Management Information in the Health and Social Services Department – Operating Theatres review in other areas of its business.


The Theatres and Anaesthesia (T&A) Division has actively embraced the recommendations contained in the C&AG’s previous report, including by appropriate adapting them to achieve their underlying objective. It has made good progress.

However, the C&AG’s recommendations were directed to HSSD more widely and there are key areas where HSSD needs to take action so that the full benefits of the recommendations can be secured.


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