Thursday 22 September 2016 - Report

Management Information in Education

Topics: Management Information

Departments: Education

Sector: Education


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Access to high quality and relevant management information is essential to enable organisations to make effective and efficient strategic and operational decisions at corporate, departmental and team level for both ‘business as usual’ and change initiatives. A commitment at all levels to effective specification, preparation and use of management information is a key component of a culture that drives improvement.

In 2014, the C&AG reported on the availability and use of management information in the Health and Social Services Department focussing on operating theatres.


This review focusses on the extent to which the Education Department:

  • has access to, and actively uses, high quality and relevant information for day to day performance management; and
  • has a robust information base from which to make decisions for the longer-term.


The Department has made important progress in developing and using management information, including:

  • putting in place an expert team to work within the Department and across schools and colleges.
  • driving the development of data sharing between departments.

Further work is required to ensure that management information, including financial information, is aligned with the Department’s strategic and operational objectives.


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