Tuesday 28 May 2019 - Report

Role and Operation of the States Employment Board

Topics: Governance

Departments: States Employment Board

Sector: Human Resources

Role and Operation of the States Employment Board Report

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The States Employment Board (SEB) is the statutory employer of all States employees and has wide-ranging functions.


This review evaluates the effectiveness of:

  • the design of arrangements for appointment and employment of States of Jersey employees
  • SEB in discharging its functions
  • arrangements for securing compliance with the Employment Codes of Practice issued by SEB and supporting policies; and
  • arrangements for monitoring progress in implementation of the C&AG’s previous recommendations on human resources management.


The current arrangements are not fit for purpose:

  • there are significant weaknesses in the framework for the oversight of human resources management
  • the arrangements to enable SEB to discharge its functions are poor; and
  • SEB has not focussed sufficiently on the monitoring of implementation of improvements. 

The C&AG recognises that SEB has initiated changes in how it works and that these improvements are welcome. However, in her view, fundamental change was required to enable SEB to demonstrate that it is exercising effective oversight of human resources across the States.


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