The vision of the Jersey Audit Office (JAO) is to be a trusted and innovative audit organisation that champions good governance and the wise use of public money in Jersey.

Transparency is fundamental to the work of the JAO.  We published our first Audit Quality Transparency Report in May 2024, with the purpose of providing a clear picture of how the JAO delivers audit quality in line with our ambition to be a high performing audit organisation. The report is aimed at providing stakeholders with assurance on the quality of audits delivered by the JAO and by the financial statements auditors appointed by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG).

This Audit Quality Transparency Report provides an overview of:

  • how the JAO is organised to meet the responsibilities of the C&AG
  • how the quality assurance processes for the JAO work; and
  • our quality monitoring results for 2023.

Wherever possible we have benchmarked our performance against other jurisdictions.

Whilst not all other jurisdictions publish the same data on audit quality, we have ensured we have included data for all measures that are comparable to data collected for the JAO.


JAO Audit Quality Transparency Report 2023


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