Monday 28 February 2022 - Report

Long-term Care Fund

Topics: Governance

Departments: Health & Community Services

Sector: Benefits

C&AG Report - Long-Term Care Fund - 28.02.2022

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The Long-Term Care Fund (the LTCF) provides universal and means-tested benefits to those over 18 with long-term care needs through the Long-Term Care Scheme (LTCS). It is funded through central grants from the States of Jersey and income-related contributions from income tax payers. The LTCF was established by the Long-Term Care (Jersey) Law 2012.


The review evaluated:

  • the arrangements for the oversight and governance of the LTCF
  • the arrangements established to manage, monitor and report on the operation of the LTCS; and

performance of the LTCS and the LTCF.


The LTCF and the LTCS have operated in Jersey for over seven years. From the evidence reviewed, the LTCF and LTCS have met their intended policy objectives.

The second actuarial review of the LTCF, now scheduled for 2022, should be used as a basis to take stock of future funding parameters.

In addition, the implementation of the Jersey Care Model provides an opportunity to re-design future care provision on the Island with a potential beneficial impact in terms of service user experience, care outcomes and the cost of care. 8. At an operational level, there is an opportunity to review, simplify and streamline the systems and processes that underpin the LTCS as well as the guidance and tools provided to support claimants.


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