Thursday 21 October 2021 - Report

ICT Cloud Implementation – Integrated Technology Solution

Topics: Project Delivery

Departments: Chief Operating Office

Sector: Digital & Information Management

ICT Cloud Implementation - report

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The Government Plans for 2020-23 and for 2021-24 include significant investment in technology transformation.

In 2019 the first phase of a new taxation revenue management system was implemented. Key challenges were experienced. It is important that lessons learned from this phase are taken into account in further phases and in other projects.

The Integrated Technology Solution (ITS) programme was launched in early 2020 and is intended to enable the Government to use modern, cloud-based systems for finance, human resources (HR), procurement and asset management. 


This review has evaluated:

  • the first phase of implementation of the new taxation revenue management system and considered the lessons that can be learned for future projects; and
  • the design and delivery of the ITS programme up to the end of August 2021.


The Government of Jersey has embarked on a significant programme of digital modernisation of which the ITS programme is just one part. Other elements of digital modernisation include the adoption of Microsoft Office as well as a significant cyber security and information governance programme. It is essential that all elements of digital modernisation are considered as a portfolio and that dependencies between the programmes are identified and managed effectively.

Major ICT programmes are high cost, high profile and carry great uncertainties and risks. Experience from the public sector in many jurisdictions is that often such programmes fail to deliver their objectives in terms of cost and/or outcomes. In order for the ITS programme to be successful there is a need to identify, measure and monitor the benefits of the programme and to ensure that responsibility and accountability for the delivery of benefits are clearly set out.


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