Thursday 7 December 2017 - Report

Grants and Subsidies

Topics: Governance

Departments: Treasury & Exchequer

Sector: Grants, Subsidies & Other Funding

Report - Grants and Subsidies - 7 December 2017

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Even excluding individual grants over £75,000, most of which fell within the scope of the C&AG’s report on Arm’s Length Organisations, the States of Jersey spent over £5 million on grants and subsidies in 2016.


The review evaluates the effectiveness of arrangements for the development, oversight, management and evaluation of grants and subsidies awarded to third parties. It excludes payments of grants to arm’s length organisations that were considered in the C&AG’s separate review published in June 2017.


The review highlighted:

  • ambiguities in the framework for awarding and managing grants
  • insufficient corporate oversight of the award of grants
  • weaknesses in operational management of grants; and
  • and the absence of a consistent corporate culture.


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