Thursday 17 March 2016 - Report

Arrangements for Freedom of Information

Topics: Accountability

Departments: Chief Minister's

Sector: Digital & Information Management


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Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation has been introduced by many governments as a means of promoting transparency and accountability. But the introduction of such legislation – with duties on government to respond to individuals requesting information within specified timetables – requires good records management, appropriate policies, good procedures, systems and guidance and appropriate training of staff involved.

Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation came into force in Jersey on 1 January 2015.


This review covers arrangements for departments and non-ministerial bodies of the States of Jersey and considers:

  • the structure and roles and responsibilities in place to support the FoI process
  • the arrangements for FoI request handling, including appropriate policies and procedures
  • records management standards
  • whether staff have had appropriate training and hence awareness to meet their obligations before and after implementation of the FoI Legislation
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of request handling within departments; and
  • the adequacy of arrangements for mainstreaming FoI across the States. 


The States have responded well and met the requirements of FoI legislation.

However, searching out information and responding to FoI requests efficiently is dependent upon good data and records management and more needs to be done in these areas.


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