Thursday 6 December 2018 - Report

Arm’s Length Organisations – Visit Jersey

Topics: Governance

Departments: Housing

Sector: States Established & States Controlled Entities

Report - ALOs Visit Jersey - 06.12.2018

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The States have a large number of Arm’s Length Organisations (ALOs) with a range of responsibilities and different governance and accountability arrangements.

The establishment of an ALO does not relieve the States of a responsibility for ensuring that good governance is being demonstrated, effective internal control is in place and value for money is being secured. 

In her 2017 report, Oversight of Arm’s Length Organisations, the C&AG identified weaknesses in the States’ arrangements for the oversight of Arm’s Length Organisations.


This report considered the progress made by the States in addressing the weaknesses identified in the 2017 report by focussing on Visit Jersey.


  • The States have developed the approach to overseeing ALOs but more needs to be done to ensure changes are properly implemented. There needs to be a sharper focus on funding and monitoring.
  • Within Visit Jersey, the arrangements for corporate governance and monitoring performance are generally well developed for an organisation of its size. 


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