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2023 Annual report self-assessment tool

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JAO - 2023 Annual Report self-assessment tool - 16 January 2024

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This self-assessment tool sets out the criteria that the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) will use in 2024 for reviewing 2023 annual reports. 

It is based on best practice observed in this and other jurisdictions and adapted for Jersey. 

The tool includes guidance notes on how to apply the criteria to different entities.  



The C&AG is making the tool available to support entities in drafting their 2023 annual reports.  

The C&AG also invites entities to email the completed tool to the Jersey Audit Office at enquiries@jerseyauditoffice.je.

If entities send the completed tool, the C&AG will use it to inform her review of their annual report and in providing feedback to the entity. 

Please only send the C&AG self-assessments of your final version of your entity’s annual reports. 

The C&AG is unable to comment on self-assessments of draft versions. 

In addition to the scored areas, the C&AG is encouraging entities to enhance their sustainability reporting and disclosures. 

The self-assessment tool contains a useful reminder of frameworks which can be used for good practice climate and sustainability reporting.  


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